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Sponsor : Iskandar Regional Development Authority
Project Name :Selat Johor Cultural Heritage Documentation

Sponsor : Jabatan Landskap Negeri Johor
Project Name :Kajian Pembangunan Landskap Taman Komuniti Inklusif Dan Pembangunan Pelan Konsep Di Majlis Daerah Segamat, Johor.

Sponsor : Perusahaan Aluminium Setia
Project Name :An Analysis On Near Infrared Spectroscopy Device For Aluminium Thickness

Sponsor : Jabatan Landskap Negeri Johor
Project Name :Kajian Imej Landskap Awam Negeri Johor (Penulisan Buku Taman Awam Negeri Johor)

Sponsor : Lembaga Perindustrian Nanas Malaysia
Project Name :Extraction Of Bromelain From Pineapple Pulp And Fruit Using Membrane Filtration

Recent Publications

Proceedings Of International Conference On Trends In Computational And Cognitive Engineering. Advances In Intelligent Systems And Computing Comparative Analysis Of Different Classifiers On Eeg Signals For Predicting Epileptic Seizure

Publication In Scopus

International Journal Of Electrical And Computer Engineering Hybrid Deep Learning Model Using Recurrent Neural Network And Gated Recurrent Unit For Heart Disease Prediction

Publication In Scopus

Aip Conference Proceedings Preliminary Study Of Ground State Properties Of Odd-Mass Nuclei Using The Sly5* Within The Skyrme Mean-Field Approach

Publication In Scopus

Construction And Building Materials Microstructure And Compressive Strength Of Self-Compacting Concrete Incorporating Palm Oil Fuel Ash Exposed To Elevated Temperatures

Publication In Web Of Science

Separation And Purification Technology Comparative Dcmd Performance Of Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Dual-Layer Hollow Fibre Pvdf Membranes Incorporated With Different Concentrations Of Carbon-Based Nanoparticles

Publication In Web Of Science

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